Zero Balance Payment Review offers the opportunity to reopen closed accounts and find out if underpayments exist. Even if it is ‘Past Timely’, the zero-balance payment review offers insight, opens opportunities to improve contract negotiations, and ensure higher future revenue.

Our contingency-based pricing allows ANI to assume all risk, which maximizes your reimbursement. You don’t pay until we find your lost revenue.

  • Discuss project needs and reporting protocols. Every hospital has different requirements.
  • Draft a work plan, obtain contracts and request system access.

Analyze and Audit:

  • Analyze contracts for possible underpayment and interpretation errors.
  • Review coding, billing, and medical records which affect reimbursement.

Follow-Up, Recover, and Report:

  • Monthly and quarterly reports.
  • Contract and operational recommendations.

Please reach out if you would like to schedule an appointment or obtain a free feasibility study.