ANI Healthcare Solutions was founded in 2001 by Healthcare Consultants. For over 20 years, our team of healthcare experts – including clinicians, certified coders, software engineers, senior healthcare managers, and reimbursement subject matter experts have provided effective solutions for healthcare providers.

We take great pride in our staff. Everyone we hire has a minimum of ten years’ experience in auditing healthcare claims. Our expertise allows us to review complex clauses and identify underpayments that contract management may miss. Our hospital reimbursement expertise encompasses all payers including commercial health plans, government programs and workers’ compensation.

ANI Healthcare Solutions understands that every dollar counts. We manually dig deep into the language of every contract to ensure every hospital claim is billed and paid correctly. We provide analysis, education, and customized recommendations that minimize future cash losses. We deliver best practice solutions that generate an immediate impact to our clients’ bottom line.

Our Promise:

  • Audit All Accounts Received for Contractual Compliance and Underpayment.
  • Identify & Recover Underpayments by Working Directly with the Payer.
  • Offer Recommendation for Future Contract Negotiations and Operational Improvement.
  • Maintain Secure Patient Health Information.